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AccuFloor Floor Tile

*see bottom of page for colors and patterns

Vinyl Carpet

Modern and different designs that create versatile and innovative spaces to adapt to every lifestyle.
With a flexible multilayer coating and treatment PU, for easy cleaning, it has high wear resistance.

Vinyl Stone

Combination of selected mineral stones and designs that create an elegant and natural space.
Its flexible multilayer coating and treatment PU attach great wear resistance and durability.

Vinyl Wood

Innovative designs that create such an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. composed of a flexible multi-layer coating and treatment PU allow easy and high wear resistance.

Vinylasa Accessories

With their prices and beautiful color palette, our High-quality Vinyl accessories will give an excellent finish to your floor.


Ideal for finishing edges of stairs, made with slip -free material resistant to chemicals, stains or any product contamination.
A product used in decorative tile joints, free of blemishes, bubbles or any contamination.
Carpet Strip

With their prices and beautiful color palette our high-quality vinyl accessories will give an excellent finish to your floor.

Vinyl Wood Floor 1.4mm


Vinyl Wood Floor 3.1mm


Carpet 2.0mm


Stone 2.0mm



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Puerto Rico 00936-1650

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