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How does Benner Duct Insulation work?

To help you understand how such insulation helps you save money, let us talk about how these work. HVAC duct insulation is used on ducts that are found in unconditioned spaces. These are spaces that are neither heated nor cooled, and as such, are exposed to the elements which can make it either too hot or too cold to be in. When your ducts are exposed to these elements without insulation, your HVAC units will need to work overtime to either heat up or cool down your home or business. This is where you will find your energy bills going up considerably.

Properly insulating your ducts can help keep these elements from affecting the temperature of the air traveling in them. This will then help keep your HVAC units from working too hard to either keep your home or business cool during warm days, or warm during cold days. This translates to lower energy costs since your HVAC won’t require the additional energy needed to keep air in your home hot or cold enough for its occupants.

How HVAC duct insulation works is actually pretty simple. It works in the same way as the insulation that you use in your attic, which is also used to keep heat and cold from affecting your home or business. Insulation used on ducts has the same reflective surface as the insulation used in attics, and also has similar padding. This is to help keep hot or cold air the same temperature at all times, as it travels through your ducts.

During installation, the reflective side of the insulation is placed on the outside of your ducts, while the padded side is placed on the inside. The reflective side being on the outside helps reflect the heat back out, protecting the cold air that is found within your ducts. This also helps bounce heat back in, if your ducts are carrying heated air around your home or business. The padded side that is part of your duct insulation protects the hot and cold air within, keeping these from being affected by outside forces. This padding works in tandem with the foil part to keep the temperature of the air in your ducts stable.

When insulation is properly installed, whether in your roof or around your ducts, you will find that heating up or cooling down your home or business is easy. You will also find that your HVAC does not need to work overtime to do this. This means big savings on your part, and a properly heated or cooled home.


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